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At garydoublepr we make and create the news!
I specialise in getting your stories in the media of your choice - international, national, local, trade or specialist - through finely-targeted publicity allowing you to achieve the profile and awareness that will enhance your business. 
Years of journalistic and communications experience at the very top level has given me a unique understanding of how to get the very most out of your news. I know what the media is looking for and how best to maximise and deliver your message and how to look after you in a crisis too!
I also produce top quality publications - anything from a glossy magazine to a four-page newsletter; from a full-colour brochure to an advertising insert - written and designed specifically to speak the language of your dedicated audience.  (Click on the links above for more details).


"Gary is a beacon of integrity. He is widely known across the media and has a contacts book that puts most of us to shame."


"He has the ability to operate with the same calm, polished demeanour whatever the situation. Proactive and personable, he can douse the fires of suspicion or fan the flames of interest"


"Gary Double is a proven polished professional with a real understanding of how the media works and how the media can work for you."

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